I don’t really need a good reason to post about Kyra Gracie, but I’m glad she gives me one from time to time so I’m not just making “Kyra is hot durrr” blogs all the time. The big Kyra news now?

The last name Gracie end up a part of the Brazilian Olympic team. At least that is what Kyra Gracie is hoping for. In an interview with Kid Peligro, on the ADCC News website, the current absolute and lightweight world champion revealed she harbors the objective of earning a place on the judo team to dispute the 2012 Olympic Games, to take place in London.

“You can tell the world my objective is London 2012! In judo! I’ve been training hard and plan to be there for one more Olympic medal!” said Kyra.

It’s times like this that I’m annoyed at the lack of submission grappling in the Olympics. Judo is okay and all, but to see people like Kyra and others get to compete in their own sport on that kind of stage would be something to see.