Sherdog has started yet another regional column, this one focusing on South Korea. I’m still waiting for a regional column covering all the action Josh Gross’s mom gets, but I guess we can keep waiting for that one. I do have to question if this is even worth covering … considering all the news that Sherdog DOESN’T report, why have they decided to cover events which no one in North America will ever see?

Anyways, that aside I noticed two funny tidbits from the article:

Currently, SpiritMC showcases three weight classes: welterweight (154 pounds and under), middleweight (176 pounds) and heavyweight (178 and above).

Man, doesn’t that just reinforce asian stereotypes?

Former SpiritMC middleweight champion, Jae Suk Lim, who has trained with B.J. Penn (Pictures) in the past as part of the reality TV series, is also from “Jung Shim Gwan.”

Im has acute striking prowess, but he has been known to suffer from epileptic fits off his back. He was knocked unconscious by both Yuya Shirai (Pictures) and Steve Bruno (Pictures) from strikes on the ground. His success in EliteXC will depend heavily on how much he improves his guard game.

I really hope the writer is using the term ‘epileptic fits’ as some kind of expression to mean he has trouble off his back. Because if this guy is really known to go into seizures, I’m a bit concerned with him fighting at all, let alone how he does on the ground.