It’s not like anyone is holding their breath for the Kyle Kingsbury (possibly one of the jizz eaters from last season’s TUF – it all blends together for me now) vs Razak Al-Hassan fight. So it’s no big deal that it’s been delayed, but the why is interesting: ( first reported the possibility of the bout last week but cautioned that an elbow injury sustained by Al-Hassan in a December loss to Steve Cantwell could keep him off the UFC 102 card.

Sources close to the fighter today confirmed with the bout has been postponed.

Instead of taking place at UFC 102, Kingsbury plans to wait until Al-Hassan is healed so the match-up remains intact. It’s expected to take place in or around October.

Razak Al-Hassan was the guy who got his arm snapped backwards by Steve Cantwell at that UFC Fight Night of Horrors LAST October. So it’s interesting to note that his idiocy in not tapping basically cost him a year. Then again, based on what we saw when he was in the cage, perhaps an extra year to sort some shit out in the gym is exactly what he needs.

As for Kyle Kingsbury, he’s stuck waiting almost a year for his next fight as well. But I guess you’ve just gotta roll with shit like that when you’re literally hanging by your fingernails off the UFC employment ledge.