From Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer newsletter:

MMA fighter King Mo Lawal, who was suspended nine months by the Nevada Commission and then fired from Strikeforce by Dana White, is interested in joining WWE. Lawal has been a long-time pro wrestling fan and has expressed interest in joining WWE in the past. Gerald Brisco recruited Lawal years ago but it never worked out as Lawal wanted to compete in the Olympics. When he didn’t make the Olympic team, he started MMA instead.

Seems crazy to me, but then again I think anyone who willingly throws their body through the meatgrinder that is the WWE circuit is nuts. Let’s see what sounds better: being on the road all the time performing over 150 times a year and maybe … MAYBE … making it to the point where you crack a six figure salary. OR stick to MMA, fight three times a year for at least 50k a pop plus sponsorships, and as a nice little bonus you get to keep your dignity. It’s a good thing for Mo’s career that these kinda WWE rumors almost never end up going anywhere.