Go back to your old job, Tony Lopez.

We here at Fightlinker have been desperate for a new target of our hatred since Mike Kyle stopped acting up, Jason “Mayhem” Miller might be legitimately mentally ill, and Syria has bigger problems to worry about. So we are lucky to receive word of some—if not Joe Son-level—perhaps Mike Whitehead-level scumbaggery in the form of antics from last night’s King of the Cage (KOTC) show.

According to the gifs and reports posted at MiddleEasy, fighter Tony Lopez not only “pulled a Babalu” by continuing to choke his opponent after the referee was pulling him off, he also punched the hapless dude in the face afterwards. Then, according to reports on Twitter by @Fight_Ghost, he was announced as the winner instead of disqualified, and the post-fight interviewer told him “Great fight!” and went on as if nothing evil had occurred.

In an environment characterized by nearly unanimous legalization of MMA, growing cultural acceptance of the sport, and hundreds of millions of dollars from Fox, it’s good to see a long-standing community pillar like KOTC continuing to skeeve the place up with its charming antics.

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