[youtube tHXy1D4AaKQ]

Kimbo Slice made his boxing debut over the weekend and knocked out a 39 year old 0-1 fighter named James Wade in 10 seconds. Impressive? Well, it looked good enough on youtube, but what can I say? Can crusher crushing cans isn’t all that amazing to me.

It was pretty amazing to Kimbo’s ‘manager’, Jared ‘$kala’ Shaw. Here’s some comments from after the fight. On twitter:

Told u he’s a injection into heavy weight division … Thanks for the opportunity @danawhite #dumb

And then in a statement:

“We realize this is a climb, and Kimbo is serious about making a run in this sport,” Shaw said. “Before to can walk, you crawl. Before you reach the roof, you climb, and that is what we are doing. We are working our way through the division and plan to matriculate up the rankings.

“Aug. 13 is the day the real YouTube phenomenon Kimbo Slice made his statement. He’s here, and he’s not leaving until someone else’s gloves say so. In my opinion, he’s the toughest out in the heavyweight division due to his true one-punch knockout power.”

You hear that? Kimbo beats some nobody in the middle of nowhere, and now he’s the toughest out in the heavyweight division. TRUE one punch knockout power! I wonder where that was when you fought James ‘Glass Jaw’ Thompson?