[youtube w6JAaDPYjXI]

If you’ve got 26 seconds to spare, observe as Kimbo Slice knocks a bitch out with a single punch in his second pro boxing match on Saturday night.  It took him about 5 seconds longer than his first fight, maybe because he weighed in 17 lbs heavier this time, but hey, he got the job done.

His opponent was Tay Bledsoe, whose resume now stands (or lies face down) at 2-4 with four knockout losses in a row.  So not exactly a killer, but to be fair, it is only Kimbo’s second fight.  Maybe next time they can find someone who actually has a winning record.  Or maybe not… Floyd Mayweather’s ninth fight was against some 1-13-1 can.  This is how records get padded, son.