Remember back in the day when Dean Cain had a seemingly promising acting career ahead of him after starring as Superman on Lois & Clark? Now he’s starring alongside Kimbo Slice, Heath Herring, and Roger Huerta in Circle of Pain. This future member of the Wal-Mart discount DVD bin is directed by Daniel Zirilli, who you may recall as the man responsible for the 2001 smash hit Black Spring Break 2: The Sequel. (The title of that one informs the potential viewer that the film is both the second installment of the franchise, as well as the sequel to the first one. I guess the producers really wanted to hammer that point home. Either that or they were illiterate.)

Needless to say, this looks absolutely horrendous. The fact that independent filmmakers continue to make these direct-to-video MMA movies means that there must be somebody out there who is actually paying money to see said movies. My guess is either Al-Qaeda members, Jerry Millen, or Dan Quinn.