Here’s a question for you: how many times does a reporter have to reveal themselves as a Dana White buttboy before someone holds him accountable? If you thought the answer was somewhere around 5 to 7, you’d be wrong. Because Kevin Iole must be getting close to double digits by now and yet he still gets away with it.

Kevin Iole’s latest ‘scoop’ involved Dan Henderson leaving the UFC for Strikeforce:

Dan Henderson’s career with the Ultimate Fighting Championship has ground to a close in a contract stalemate, and the former two-division PRIDE champion appears on the verge of signing a deal with the rival Strikeforce promotion.

Henderson could not be reached for comment Friday, but White confirmed he was unable to come to terms with Henderson. White indicated the company’s contractual right of first refusal had expired and they would not seek to match contract offers Henderson may receive. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker did not return phone calls.

White, though, said he wanted to re-sign Henderson but couldn’t agree on the money in a new deal.

“We have a good relationship with Henderson, and there are no hard feelings,” White said. “He had a figure he believed he was worth, and we had our own figure, and we weren’t able to get together.”

White said he was disappointed to lose Henderson, but said he was confident the UFC would be able to recover.

“We always find a way,” White said.

The only problem? Dan Henderson WAS reachable for comment on Friday, and the entire story is bullshit.

Henderson on Friday laughed at news he’s been shown the door by the UFC.

“I’m still hoping to come to terms with the UFC, until I heard this,” he said. “And I will be exploring other options for sure, but I definitely need to make sure I get paid.”

And what about Strikeforce stealing Hendo away?

From Josh Gross’ Twitter account

Dan Henderson has not received an offer from Strikeforce. He met Scott Coker for the first time and they had coffee. That’s it.


Don’t expect Henderson to make any moves before the Nov. 7 Strikeforce card on CBS. Again, he has not even been offered a deal.

So what we have here is Dana White feeding Kevin Iole a story and Kevin running with it even though it’s only a realistic interpretation of the truth if you’re a paranoid schizo off his meds. Not only that, but once again Iole didn’t even bother to wait before getting in touch with Dan Henderson and/or Scott Coker before putting it up. So instead of this being, I dunno, a real story about Dan Henderson leaving for Strikeforce, the truth is it’s more like a propaganda piece from the UFC that makes them look like the victims in an imaginary Dan Henderson / Strikeforce scheme.

This isn’t the first time Kevin’s done this kind of biased to the point of complete bullshit reporting. Iole is like Dana White’s go to guy for stories like this (the UFC saves Dave Carmichael for special occasions I suppose). Here are some examples:

Kevin Iole was the guy who claimed a Strikeforce / Affliction merger fell apart ‘last second’ because Scott Coker was on vacation, while everyone else with information on the situation knew that talks had stalled long ago and Strikeforce wasn’t interested. Another fun Affliction moment: Kevin changed one of his columns where he quotes Dana White as saying he hoped Affliction lost every penny it had continuing to compete with him to a quote saying “The UFC and Affliction are working together.” Of course, in keeping with Kevin Iole’s excellent journalistic integrity, this major change to his article was not noted at all.

Let’s not forget the last time Dana used Iole to get his side of the story out on fighter negotiation, even though it was dead wrong. Remember the Mirko Crocop situation? Once again, Kevin did a big article about how Mirko ‘fucked’ Dana White by signing with DREAM and ‘didn’t keep his word’. The only problem? Once again, Kevin didn’t bother getting in touch with the person he was writing about: Mirko HADN’T signed with DREAM. Even though this whole ‘As the World Turns’ moment included the extra ingredient of DREAM manipulation, there’s no better article to show you how Dana and Kevin combine to form Super Biased Reporter Robot Extreme.

And now it’s irony time. Here’s Kevin Iole implying that the fracas where White called Sherdog reporter Loretta Hunt a bitch on the UFC video blog was Loretta’s fault for ‘only attempting to contact the UFC for comment once’. For someone who never seems to be able to get in touch with anyone he’s writing about, I find this column (where he also attacks a reporter for *gasp* being critical of the organization she’s covering) extra rich.

But let’s get back to how the UFC uses Kevin Iole to spread false information about fighter negotiations and conflicts. The next great example is the Randy Couture situation, where Kevin Iole reported that Randy made way more than he actually made. And those are just the more recent incidents. I don’t feel like going through three years worth of posts on what a terrible journalist Iole is, but one last example for you guys: the time he claimed Wanderlei Silva was ducking Chuck Liddell. Of course Wanderlei wasn’t, but you know how it is. Dana tells you something, and you just HAVE to report it. Fuck getting in touch with the other person involved in the story … you know, the person you’re actually writing about?

This just scratches the iceberg of that particular aspect of Iole’s shittiness. There’s roughly 15 pages worth of posts on Iole’s various other shortcomings on this site, but I would like to note it’s this aspect (ie Iole’s swallowing of UFC stories and pathetic reluctance to get the other side of the story) that started my hate affair with this no talent ass clown.

Now I’d love to end this article with a rousing speech about truth and journalistic integrity winning in the end and all that. But sometimes I get the feeling that Yahoo keeps Kevin Iole around specifically because he is such a pathetic Dana White mouthpiece. So long as Dana keeps sticking his arm up Iole’s ass and making him talk, the web traffic flows and everyone is happy. Except all the fighters Iole spreads lies and misinformation about, of course.