Okay, Wikipedia. Get rid of that ‘tears of a crying child’ picture you’ve got on your ‘Sadness’ entry because Kenny Florian’s face after his loss to Jose Aldo on Saturday night totally trumps it. I’d say it’s the Magnum of sadfaces, or at the very least Depression Blue Steel. Those asking KenFlo what the future held for him at the post event press conference were given a listless non-answer, and now we’ve got more of the same in statement form:

“I’d like to thank Jose Aldo for giving me the opportunity to compete for the featherweight title last Saturday. I gave the fight my all, but Jose won that night. I would also like to thank the UFC, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for their continued support.

I am passionate about mixed martial arts, and I love being involved in this sport. It is incredible to see how much MMA has grown and that, today, there are millions of people who enjoy the UFC as much as I do.

Second, everyone is asking what is next for me. The only response I can give right now is that I’m going to take some time to evaluate that. Most immediately,  I want to rest, spend some time with my family and friends, and then evaluate all of my options. I’ll speak with Dana, and my management team, and we will figure out my next move. When I make that decision, my fans will be the first to know.  One way or another, you haven’t seen the last of Ken-Flo!”

Already, MMA blogs ’round the world are writing articles talking about how Kenny is going to forever be defined not by what he accomplished but by what he didn’t: win a title belt. Of course, these people are basically writing Kenny off. After three title shots, there’s no way he could earn another right?

Eh, I’m not sold on that narrative. Sure, Kenny is 35 years old. He could very well retire right now and be very proud of what he’s done over his eight year career. But he could also fight his way back up the title ladder and earn himself another shot, either at 145 or 155. The MMA universe isn’t against the idea of another shot for Florian in two or three years. We’re just sick of him using his mouth instead of his fists to get them. Hell, Randy Couture got a chance to fight for a title seven times. He tended to win those fights too, but still.

Who knows what the title picture is going to look like 6 to 9 fights from now. Which fighters will hold the belt. Maybe Kenny will be the perfect man to challenge for another title. And maybe next time he’ll fight like the Kenny we know and love instead of the guy who keeps pushing guys against the cage like a broken roomba. That shit didn’t work against BJ Penn and it didn’t work against Jose Aldo.

I guess what I’m trying to say in my standard dickish way is I don’t want to see Kenny go out like this. And that’s really a testament to how much we like him after putting up with 25 minutes of hearing his brother Keith’s shrieking. There is still hope!