(above: Ken Shamrock wrecks Bas Rutten’s leg in a Pancrase match.)

Tucked down at the bottom of a daily update on the Fight Network website is this little gem of information:

Ken Shamrock has not been offered a rematch with Royce Gracie if Sakuraba fails to get cleared to fight. Shamrock’s manager Rod Donohoo says an individual not representing the famed fighter had approached K-1 on Shamrock’s behalf without his knowledge, bringing life to the rumor. Shamrock has no immediate plans with K-1, but is pursuing another fight in the UFC. Donohoo says they are still awaiting a response from UFC president Dana White.

Personally I think Dana White would be stupid not to bring Ken back to the UFC. I don’t think anyone wants to see Ken get stomped by another top ranked guy, but there are tons of other ‘first generation’ legends out there who would make for great matchups and amazing PPV buys.