I have really high self esteem, and it stems from the fact that when I was little, my mommy taught me that the only reason why anyone would ever make fun of me is because they’re paid to. Really, everything I say is so far above criticism that disagreeing with me is like calling this an awesome haircut on a wonderful person. Former MMAgents owner and current Zuffa lawsuit co-defendant Ken Pavia evidently feels the same way, accusing people who post disparaging comments about him in a thread on the Underground forum of being on Zuffa’s payroll:

Zuffa compensates people per event to have multiple screen names and advance agendas. They have been asked to actually start debates with themselves, and steam roll one side, or to made points ad nause[am]. An old PR director used to phone all hours of the night when he saw something he didnt like and have it squashed. I have been approached by more [than[ one of these people and I actually employed a former Zuffa paid poster who had like 10 screen names and did exactly this. It is a manipulation of public opinion. The Big Brother of MMA.

This thread is just another example of that practice… And so the word comes from Zuffa to advance an agenda[,] and out come the paid posters[,] again.

Pavia is evidently not worried about Zuffa’s lawsuit because all of the Zuffa documents he is accused of transmitting to Bellator are googlable. So obviously, Zuffa is retaliating against Pavia’s impending court victory by bribing people to be mean to him on the Internets. But as ludicrous as it sounds that Zuffa could actually be using its financial resources to hire people to troll Pavia, it might not be completely outside the realm of possibility, based on other goings-on in the business world, that Zuffa could have paid people to advocate certain points of view on the web at some point in time. It is actually very well established that astroturfing takes place in many industries, and in certain instances where astroturfing has been verified, it does take a form strongly resembling that described by Pavia.

So, is Ken Pavia simply a paranoid whiner who is just below Eddie Goldman in terms of bitterness against the UFC and overall crackpottedness? Or does he have a point? The answer remains to be seen, but the next time threads like “OMG FEDOR MONSON IS BETTAR THAN JDS CAIN” are posted and then methodically destroyed by arguments from UFC fans, we will at least have an explanation for what’s going on that doesn’t involve the entire human race degenerating into a sludge of retardedness.