Adopted brothers Ken and Frank Shamrock haven’t gotten along in decades, but it sounds like they’ve taken the first step towards reconciliation recently, sitting down together to talk it out with each other:

“We sat down and really had a conversation, and I think our relationship is back on track,” Frank Shamrock told “We’ll see where it goes. There’s a business opportunity that got us sitting down for a couple of hours. It was really nice. It was very positive for both of us.”

A business opportunity, you say? Tell us more, MMA Junkie:

UFC Hall of Famer and former champion Ken Shamrock said he’s ended his longtime feud with adoptive brother Frank Shamrock to work on a hush-hush MMA project he believes will “challenge a lot of the top promotions.”

“I think this is something that the MMA fans have been waiting for and that they deserve,” Shamrock recently told Radio ( “They shouldn’t have to choose. They should love both and be able to share in both.”

Shamrock (28-15-2) said the two discussed their contentious past and mended fences while filming the project earlier this month.

“We sat down, and we had some discussions, from childhood to the fight, to the argument, to the separation, to the not going to my dad’s funeral (and) the reasons why,” he said. “We hashed it out right there on video, and there’s a lot of stuff in that that’s emotional.”

If there was ever something that could make the Shamrock brothers temporarily forget their hatred of each other, it’s their love of being on television. So it should be no surprise to anyone that the two only managed to bury the hatchet with cameras present – hell, I think Ken doesn’t even know how he’s supposed to act if he’s not being filmed.

So what is this mystery project? A documentary? A TV show? Some kind of hype program for the long-touted but never realized Shamrock vs Shamrock MMA fight? We’ll have to wait at least another day or two before one attention seeking brother or another finally spills the beans. But keep this in mind: no matter how past the expiry date that fight may be, it’s one of the few fights you could make outside the UFC that people might actually pay attention to.

And let’s not forget that seven years ago another promotion kicked off strong, breaking the North American attendance record for MMA with Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie (yes, Nick’s Cesar Gracie). That promotion was called Strikeforce, and while it never really ‘challenged a lot of top MMA promotions’, it did manage to do pretty well for itself. Are Ken and Frank going to try and launch another Strikeforce? While there’s absolutely no solid evidence whatsoever pointing to that, I think the super obvious answer is YES times a million.

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)