The post-UFC grim reaper is currently sharpening it’s scythe. In addition to Tamdan McCrory (who sounds like he may have been the victim of a coin toss decision) getting cut, there’s a bunch of other necks on the block. MMA Frenzy has the details:

Dan Cramer has been released by the UFC following a Saturday loss to Matthew Riddle at UFC 101. The profiles for Cramer, Thales Leites, George Roop and Danillo Villefort, have all been taken down, fueling speculation that Leites, Roop, and Villefort may have also been cut following their UFC 101 fights.

I’ve doubted the website in the past but can’t remember a time where it’s lied to me – well, aside from crap like Justin McCully having ‘good technique, striking, submissions’. But when fights are removed and profiles are scrapped, that means something. Not always what you expect, but something.