Is there ever going to be any more good news regarding K-1? Probably not, unless you consider it’s death or sale to be positive. The promotion has limped along since it’s sale to the mysterious Mr Kim last year, surviving by sharing it’s brand name with other promoters in Europe who did most of the heavy lifting. Any time they actually tried to do something themselves, it was a failure. And now even the European promotions they teamed up with are sick of them. Check out this open letter from Eduard Irimia, the president of SuperKombat:

We decided not to make anything public as the K-1 World GP 2012 Final promoted in Zagreb with Fight Channel was close and we did not want to affect the fighters before that, but now we are forced to announce that SUPERKOMBAT® has nothing to do as promotion in any way with K-1 and the only collaboration is between some fighters and their managers as they are engaged in some fight agreements.

Also as a very loyal to the K-1 brand in the last years, I did not want to make noise around, but unfortunately in the last month there were many visible mistakes and we don’t want to be associated with the failure of others.

How unfortunate is it that such a legendary brand ended up in such incompetent hands? And to think the guys behind GLORY were in the middle of purchasing the K-1 brand when it was suddenly sold under suspicious circumstances to Kim. Not only has K-1 not been able to get anything going, they managed to keep the kickboxing scene splintered so the sport remained headless during a time when combat sports are exploding around the world. Shitty balls, man. Shitty balls.