The good news: K-1 is no longer owned by FEG.

The bad news: DREAM is still owned by FEG

K-1 is now owned by a Japanese real estate company, which seems a bit strange to me but whatever. At this point K-1 could be sold to a squid gutting plant and I’d say they’re in better hands than they were when Sadaharu Tanikawa was at the helm.

I would like to imagine that this influx of cash means that FEG can now actually pay it’s fighters. But that does not magically erase the last year and a half of sketchy behavior where they not only stiffed fighters on a regular basis, but lied about it and pretended everything was just honky dory.

Even beyond that, I don’t think anyone has any faith in their ability to ever raise the bar for Japanese MMA. They’ve basically been running the same event over and over with the same tired lineup, banging their heads against a wall and wondering why no one is excited about their constant retreading. No new names, no developing new stars, nothing a fight promotion needs to do to advance and improve it’s standing and as a result the standing of Japanese MMA.

FEG sucks, and it would be great news indeed to hear that they sell DREAM too. Unfortunately, they’ve done such a bad job at running it that I don’t think there’s a buyer out there for a limping MMA company with no TV deals and very little brand value. So us MMA fans, we’re basically stuck with the same dipshits doing the same event over and over.

But aren’t you excited for DREAM’s Bantamweight tournament in September? I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t they just just just just do a bantamweight tournament?” Yes. Yes they did.

Baka!!! Kusu o taberu na!