[youtube BgZn2dez1zo]

I’m not a huge fan of watching kickboxing events, but I do enjoy getting drunk with friends and watching oldschool K-1 highlights while listening to Big Black Delta. Do this and you’ll gain an appreciation for Mike Bernardo, a 6’4 brick shithouse from South Africa with a reputation for pulverizing his opposition in brutal fashion. While he never managed to win the prestigious K-1 World Grand Prix, he was one of those guys who could beat any fighter on any night (and often did). His quadrology with Andy Hug is the stuff of fight legends, and he also holds wins over an A-Z of kickboxing royalty including Mirko Crocop, Maurice Smith, Peter Aerts, and Musashi.

Unfortunately, this post isn’t just to remind everyone of how great Bernardo is. It is my sad duty to inform you that he passed away on Tuesday at the age of 42. The cause of death is still uncertain, but you can rest assured he didn’t punk out in a bathtub like some lame-o popstar. May you continue to murderize people after standing 8-counts in Heaven, Beru-Chan.