(Junior with his ex-wife / manager and new lover Rejinaldo)

One of the reasons Junior Dos Santos gave for getting beat from post to post by Cain Velasquez in their last meeting was the end of his marriage. I’m sure that was a hard thing to go through indeed, but at least he and his wife seem to have come out the other side on relatively good terms:

“It’s a lie that I said that one of my goals in 2013 is to regain Vilsana, because not lost. Our relationship is eternal, it is the most important person in my life, only we are not married anymore, “he said.

Vilsana also ruled on the matter. “I would definitely put an end to current news about our relationship and our marriage. Junior and I have been married for 10 years. Many couples over 10 years cultivating quarrels, enmities. Others do not. We cultivate a friendship, a relationship without fights, where trust, respect and, above all, true love has always existed, “she stressed, that remains managing the career of her ex-husband. “We want the good of each other. Always was and will remain so. Together we make the decision not to continue longer married. Marriage is a life stage and we are in another stage. Today I met Junior and more than anyone else. I am responsible for the entire administration of his career. That will not change, I will continue taking care of him, taking care of his career. We parted at the marriage, but we have not parted in life. We’ll be friends forever.”

Not only is Junior’s ex-wife still in his life, she’s his manager! If his next contract negotiation ends with his new pay grade being a banana sandwich and a kick in the nuts, we’ll know there’s a little more animosity hidden under her words than this article carries across.