Man, what a sh*t kicking that was. It feels like just yesterday that our collective jaws dropped watching some kid named Junior Dos Santos working pads like a warrior poet (BRAVEHEART REFERENCE RAAAR) at the UFC 90 open workouts. Nearly four years later he is the champion, and it looks like he could stay in that position for a long time to come. Certainly longer than anyone else in UFC history – no one has managed to defend the heavyweight belt more than twice.

It was clear from the opening bell what Frank Mir’s strategy was: take the fight to the ground. But once Dos Santos started landing, that was the end of any kind of rational gameplan execution. From there Frank stood right in front of Junior and got boxed up til a shot to the temple wobbled him and a flurry saw him face plant seconds away from the end of the first round.

To Frank’s credit, he got right back up and came out for more in the next round. And Junior Dos Santos was more than happy to serve up a second helping. At this point there’s no denying Junior’s status as the hardest hitter in the UFC. Even if he hasn’t put you away in the first minute, he’ll still have beaten the fight out of you.