Yahoo has a heartwarming little story about Junior Dos Santos bringing a family from the favelas with him to Vegas for this weekend’s fight. Their nine year old boy Breno Luis Ferreira de Carvalho is a regular at Junior’s gym and asked if he could come. So Dos Santos, that lovable lug, agreed to take them. But while Breno might be rich in last names, he is amazingly poor in most other areas:

The family is so poor they not only didn’t have the required travel documents, they didn’t own luggage. They live in a tiny apartment that measures about 16 feet by 23 feet, covered by a thin corrugated metal roof.

When the decision was made to bring them along, someone had to find them. No one knew for sure where they lived. Sophia Ribeiro, a producer for the TV show, went into the favela with a bodyguard, carrying a photo of Breno Ferreira.

“It is an extremely dangerous area,” she said. “There is so much crime there, and you could never go there without a bodyguard.” It’s not unusual to see children, some not much older than Breno, carrying weapons. It is, Dorea said, all part of the drug trade.

Ferreira, though, doesn’t have a concept of the world outside the favela. He didn’t grasp the concept of a television camera. When he spoke in Portuguese to Ezra Edelman, the American producer for the TV show, he was puzzled when Edelman didn’t answer. Edelman doesn’t speak Portuguese and didn’t understand him, but Ferreira wasn’t aware languages other than Portuguese existed.

Junior’s team better keep a close eye on this kid. He’s liable to try and feed a carrot to a bus and get run down.