The UFC has been on a pretty good testing run lately … drug tests from UFC 148: clean. Drug tests from UFC 147: clean. UFC 146 tests: clean. That doesn’t fully tell the tale, though. UFC 146 would have been a very different event indeed had Alistair Overeem not popped positive after a random drug testing. And after the event took place, it was revealed that replacement headliner Frank Mir had been approved for TRT. We already knew that Chael Sonnen would be taking testosterone for his UFC 148 title fight, but just revealed is Forrest Griffin’s use of the stuff:

In advance of his UFC 148 rubber match with Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin obtained a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy.

The exemption was first reported by Pro MMA Radio host Larry Pepe, and ( subsequently confirmed the decision with Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer were unsuccessful.

Ortiz told he would consult with his representatives before issuing a statement to the media.

It’s interesting to note that Forrest’s opponent didn’t even know about the TRT exemption until us fans found out too. That’s just a whole ‘nother level of messed up right there, and he wasn’t too happy about it:

@ForrestGriffin sorry to hear you had to use #steroids to beat me! Wait or try to beat me. @ForrestGriffin = #cheater lol. Have a good day! (Posted at 2:08 PM, July 13)

That post was deleted soon after but Tito also agreed with one fan who said maybe … just maybe … your opponent should be allowed to know beforehand if you’re going to be competing on TRT.