After his loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7, Nate Diaz didn’t go down gently.  Instead he took to Radio and accused Thompson of “running scared shitless for his life” and making “bitch ass lady sounds” during the fight.  And we all know how distracting bitch ass lady sounds can be.  Also, despite receiving a head cut Stitch Duran said was down to the bone, Nate thinks referee Mike Beltran ended the fight early and would like a rematch against that Thomson motherfucker right now, thank you very much. (Let’s just forget about Nick throwing in the towel, okay?)

Last week Thomson found himself on Radio as well and instead of sitting there making woman noises into the microphone he laid out some pretty serious accusations against Diaz:

I am going to say this directly to him: Nate, you didn’t make the weight, so how are you going to make the weight when we fight again?  That’s the thing that’s discerning.  We all let it slide because it was a huge fight, but you didn’t make the weight and you still lost.  So unless you plan on fighting me a 170 then I’m not really interested.

And there it is: Diaz Weight Debacle 2.0.  Not quite as serious the title bout charges Nick Diaz leveled against GSP, but if Thomson’s claims are true does that means weigh-ins have become more a general guideline than a strict rule?  You can’t exactly pull a Rumble Johnson and come in 12 pounds overweight, but if you’re a big name like Nate Diaz will the UFC and athletic commissions “let it slide” if you’re 8 ounces over and on a big card?  Nothing official has been said regarding the matter but if you watch the weigh-in it does seem like something fishy is going on.  Diaz initially comes in at 157; then after dropping trou for a second attempt there’s a lot of discussion in which you can hear Dana say “half a pound” and Burt Watson concurring “we can take him with the half,” before the official weigh of 156 is settled on.

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)