Josh Koscheck posted (tweeted?) the following on his Twitter account, via Bloody Elbow:

I got some big fight news for me. I am fighting nov 21 in Vegas. Co main event!!! Haha it’s on baby!!!!

I am well aware that little blurb says nothing about Matt Hughes as Koscheck’s opponent. At the same time, when women leave parties because “that creepy guy wouldn’t stop breathing on me and licking his lips,” it’s safe to infer that I was the cause, despite not being explicitly named as the culprit. Point is, based on the circumstances, Hughes can be implied as the obvious choice.

Even if the AKA trifecta did agree to fight one another suddenly, now is not the time. Swick vs. Hardy is the co-main event for a free show on Spike in only a few weeks, while Fitch just received an opponent change a few days ago. Condit and Daley are booked against each other in the near future and neither man has the name recognition at this point to co-headline a pay-per-view. I also doubt that it’s Luke Cummo or Luigi Fioravanti. Just a hunch.

As for Hughes, he’s not currently booked, he’s coming off a high profile (albeit close) victory over Serra, and, most importantly, he has the type of name value that can carry a co-main event spot alongside Tito and Forrest. If somebody else winds up being Koscheck’s opponent, I’ll eat my hat.*

*No I won’t, but I will eat your mother dry.

Yeah, you clicked “read more” just for that. That’s a few seconds of your life I just took from you that you will never get back. Enjoy dat.