There’s a couple of different kinds of pressure being put on Strikeforce fighters competing at this Saturday’s event. For most, there’s the pressure to win and make it into the UFC. Then there’s the pressure being put on guys like Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett to absolutely crush their outmatched opponents. Last time I checked, Cormier was a 20-1 favorite, while Barnett clocked in as a 15-1 favorite. Anything short of a one sided route is going to make them look bad, which makes this news that Josh Barnett may not be feeling all that great even more dire:

Josh Barnett’s fight week started a little later than the rest of Saturday night’s Strikeforce fighters. According to Barnett’s manager Leland LaBarre, the heavyweight wasn’t feeling well enough to fly to Oklahoma City Tuesday due to what he described as “a little congestion.”

LaBarre said Barnett had to get clearance to fly from his doctor on Wednesday, who determined “The Warmaster” was healthy enough to travel. As a result, Barnett flew to Oklahoma City Thursday morning. Typically, North American Zuffa fighters are scheduled to fly to an event on Tuesday for a Saturday night fight.

“He’s ready and excited for Saturday night,” LaBarre said.

I had a little congestion over the holiday season. And migraines and the chills and a number of other horrible symptoms. It’s called the flu, and it’s currently burning through North America with a vengeance right now. If that’s what Barnett is / was suffering from, his performance on Saturday may not be exactly what we’d normally expect from him. And with his UFC future already such a big question mark, that’s not a good thing.