A war of words has erupted between Josh Barnett and Cris Cyborg over PeriodGate (haha okay for real now, no more). As you may remember, Cris Cyborg threw Josh’s friend Hitomi Akano around the cage like a rag doll. Ironically, it was the worst size mismatch I’ve seen since Josh Barnett threw a 170 pound Hikaru Sato around the ring like a rag doll in Pancrase. Mind you, Cyborg showed up for her fight disgustingly overweight, so that does change things a bit.  Here’s Josh:

With the menstrual cycle excuse firmly in hand and an unwillingness to do any more than bare minimum, Chris Cyborg stepped on that scale Friday with no intention of making weight I assume. I heard blame on a scale at a gym they used, the period (as explained to me by saying, “Blood” in a Portuguese accent and making a whooshing effect with his hands from the crotch area.), and the fact that Gremlins didn’t enter the picture is surprising.

It would be one thing if Hitomi had cut too but this issue is compounded by the fact that she gained weight to make this fight already, accepting she would be out sized….but accepting it from a weight of 146, not 150lbs. By the time any deals were made, Cyborg hit a scale at 1 am and was 158lbs. This was post pizza, which we saw her eat after just making weight enough to close the gap in weight difference which the commission needed just to even allow a fight to happen.

Her victory is hollow and her turning a blind eye to her lack of professionalism is deplorable. Never once was an apology uttered. Never once did I see one act of accountability. I don’t know how to say it in Portuguese but, Cyborg is deserving of no respect and no praise. If you were ever a fan, I’d find someone of better character and better heart.

And here’s Cyborg:

“I used the same diet that I used to fight Shayana and I made 140lbs, much less than this time. But I had a little problem that all women suffer every month. I had the menstrual period three days before the weigh-in and it put me in trouble.” said Cyborg.

“I have nothing to say. I always was professional. When I fought his athlete I made the weight easily. This time I had some problems but I believe what he thinks about me has no connection with my weight and is instead because I put one more win from his team inside my pocket.”

Eugh. Menstrual periods. On that note, does anyone actually believe that Cyborg gets her period any more? I found that just yelling at my girlfriends for not being skinny enough stopped them eggs from scrambling. So it would come as a pretty big surprise to me if Cris Cyborg’s reproductive system was functioning properly. Anyone wanna dig through the trashcans at Chute Boxe looking for bloody XXXL tampons?

As a side note, the word going around reputable MMA reporting circles is that Akano made a cool 20k extra off of Cyborg’s ‘unfortunate ovarian flow issues’. So while it’s still uber uncool that Cyborg missed weight, I don’t see how things could have realistically worked out better for her. Well, maybe if she got the money AND won, but that’s not all that realistic, is it?