It’s interesting that out of all the winners from Saturday night’s cards, the worst performances came from the champions. And Claude Patrick, but let’s just concentrate on the champions for this post. GSP had the eye issue as an excuse, although it’s not like he was setting the universe on fire with his riddum up until getting blinded. And now it sounds like Jose Aldo has an excuse of his own, even if he was too classy to offer it up as one:

Commentator Joe Rogan speculated that it could be a result of a bad weight cut, bringing up that Aldo was light headed and had to excuse himself during the Q&A portion that featured the 7 UFC champs. It seems that wasn’t the case though.

BE Reader fafefifofo, brought up that right before Rogan interviewed Aldo, he complained to his corner that he should have taken antibiotics. Bloody Elbow’s Tom Mendes of Brazil was able to confirm this. Here’s a translation of the cornerman’s reply to Jose Aldo:

“Antibiotics would not have helped at all, you’re the champion kid, fuck antibiotics, everything is okay. You fought well, smooth and composed. “

Hmm, who was it that predicted Mark Hominick’s only chance of winning this fight came from the possibility of the champ suffering from debilitating diarrhea? Oh shit, it was me! I’m not going to crow too much about that lest I end up getting burned as a future seeing witch.

There’s a much more reasonable explanation for it anyways: Toronto is a gross ass city and shaking hands with half of Ontario at the UFC Fan Expo can’t be the healthiest thing to do while physically weakened by a weight cut. You know how many people don’t wash their hands after pissing, scratching, and generally manhandling their stanky genitals? 50%. You know how many don’t at an MMA Fan Expo? Just try not to think about it.