Dana White can call off whatever horrible fate he had slated for Jose Aldo should he refuse to face Anthony Pettis – the fight is on and will happen in August! What ever could have convinced Aldo to drop his reservations about the fight? Was it Daddy Dana’s ominous threats? Or his sweeter, more generous side?

Was this whole thing a negotiation tactic by Aldo taken straight out of the Anderson Silva playbook? Or is that possibility a completely stupid assumption spawned from my pot addled brain? It also ignores the very real possibility of Pettis winning – I’m assuming he’s not going to be allowed to immediately move up and challenge for the lightweight belt if he wins. Right time / place considerations and all that. There are featherweight contenders to think of!

But make no mistake: Pettis is a greatest of all time rising before our very eyes. Think about the moves he creates and executes. Stuff you’ve never seen or even contemplated until he did them. Stuff that’s out of a martial arts movie, not reality. And he incorporates it into every fight he has. It evolves. And through him, the sport.

There are just some athletes that push a sport to the next level. Rodney Mullen revolutionized skateboarding, inventing moves and pulling off shit no one thought was possible. He single handedly brought the level of skating and skaters up several notches. You see the same thing in MMA¬† – with Anderson Silva for example, that front kick of Sensei Seagal’s he hit Vitor Belfort in the face with now pops up all over the place.

Pettis is another one of these guys and not only deserves his featherweight title shot, he deserves a crack at the lightweight strap after he beats Aldo. Unfortunately for him, he might have to pretend he doesn’t wanna fight someone first before getting that kind of deal.