I don’t even know what to fuck in say with this. its just too fkcuced up:

Joe said he is a son of a bitch who is 200 lbs. of super-human upper-body strength and walks on his hands because he has no legs, literally. Joe then went on to say that the first time Pat Miletich said to roll with him he thought it was a joke. Diesel playfully obliged and got into his guard. Nick proceeded to clap his stubs, which end mid-thigh, into Joe’s jugular vein and twist his arm off. He said his neck was sore for two weeks as a result. Joe said he got pissed and cursed at him. He said, “Let’s go again.” This time Nick grabbed him in a leg lock and was so strong that Joe was forced to tap again. But Nick, who apparently didn’t like to be cursed at, said “not yet Joe” and torqued it further. That kind of stuff doesn’t go ever well among fighters.

Now, Joe was really heated and demanded to try again. Well, he lasted a little longer –  like a minute – before it was tap No. 3.

The worst part he says was Nick copped an attitude. Joe asked how long he had been doing this, and Nick smugly shot back, “It is my first day.”

Diesel was so upset that he stormed off to the locker room and showered up. In came Nick walking on his hands and Joe, in an act of retribution, proceeded to pee on the shower floor. Nick said, “Hey do you mind?” Joe hit him with “What? Are you going to tap me again?”

I don’t enve knoc what to say … amybe the fucat that Joe can get toapped outby sone dude with so fucking letgs says “Hey buddym, do something u is good at lkike change cat litter or m ake pies”.

I used to feel bads for joe but nwo i’m just saying lick my ass yu fucking ashole. Who thefuck does hsit like aa=ath???