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Still no word on that mega blockbuster superfight with Anderson Silva, but don’t worry! Here’s something even more interesting! Jon Jones talks about a theoretical fight with Floyd Mayweather:

To be honest with you, if it was all hands, it would probably be a pretty competitive match. But that’s not fighting, either. You can’t be at the bar and be like, alright, no kicking, no taking me down, don’t stretch my shirt out. It’s not like that. What I do, I consider it to be the true art of fighting. To do everything. Fighting Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t even be right. Nobody would want to see that.

There’s also that small fact that Jon Jones is a giant light heavyweight and Floyd Mayweather’s most recent fights were at 147 pounds. So even beyond the intersport aspect it’s all pretty damn silly and pointless talk. But behind all the totally not happeningness of it all, there’s still that point of hubris where Jon Jones thinks his hands match up with the best boxer in the world’s.