Never mind a little wrapping-his-car-around-a-telephone-pole action… UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is still getting all the top sponsors. The UFC, Nike, and now Gatorade have gotten on board with Jones even after he revealed himself as unable to hold his own during broadcast work and unable to hold his booze behind the wheel. However, skeptics are likely to take solace in the following statement released by Jones’ camp:

It’s great that a company like Gatorade sees the value that their products bring to MMA athletes. They’re one of the biggest brands in sports worldwide, and I am honored to have their support moving forward. It does not get any better than Gatorade when it comes to fueling your body, during training and competition.

Although it’s hard not to see the positives in a huge sponsor like Gatorade coming to the UFC, will commercials extolling Gatorade’s value as hangover medication really have that much value?