In what I’m sure is shocking news to you all, Jon Jones will not go to jail or suffer any serious consequences for driving his car into a telephone pole while drunk. UFC Tonight has the details:

“What’s next for Jon is he has to stay out of trouble, between now and June 19th. He also has to take an alcohol evaluation between now and June 19th. On June 19th, he is due to appear back in Binghamton City court. That is when he will receive his plea bargain.

Now, his plea bargain is essentially this: He must stay out of trouble for a year. He must undergo these sort of alcohol sensitivity classes, to understand what could happen to a victim if they do drive while impaired. He must also pay any damages that his accident caused. On top of that, he must also put something in his car called an ‘ignition interlock device,’ which essentially means that between now and the next year, any time he drives his car, he will have to take a breathalyzer test to make sure he is not driving while impaired.

He has also had his license suspended indefinitely. If he does agree to all this, and everything’s good between now and June 19th, he will not face any further charges. He won’t go to jail, he just has to pay a very small fine, a maximum of $1,500.”

Wait, so he’s gotta puff into a car breathalyzer for the next year, but his license is suspended indefinitely? Doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s probably a good idea considering Bones seems to have no issue driving without a license.