(pic via Esther Lin’s UFC 152 gallery)

The problem with Vitor Belfort exposing the hole in Jon Jones’ defense is the champ now gets to spend the next several months training to close it up. Well, several months minus the time it takes to recovery from the valuable lesson he just learned. Here’s Jones after the fight:

“I would rate the performance, I think it was a good performance, but there was definitely a lot of room to improve,” said Jones, wearing a sling on his right arm at the post-fight press conference. “Vitor had me second-guessing myself. I’ve just got to get more comfortable in the Octagon. I work so hard on my wrestling and so hard on my standup. I definitely need to embrace jiu-jitsu more and practice what I preach, being a true mixed martial artist and embracing all martial arts. I have to admit I don’t practice my jiu-jitsu every day.”

That’s probably about as close to Jon Jones saying he half asses his jiu jitsu as yer gonna get, and he still manages to pull off textbook perfect americanas on the fly. Don’t forget his quick and slick McKenzietine in the Machida fight too. There’s no reason to suspect that Jones isn’t just as much of a natural at jiu jitsu as he is striking. Other fighters just have to hope there’s a little bit of weakness specifically in the submission defense department. Perhaps a few fractions of a second amidst the motions of Jones kicking your ass where he is susceptible to armlocks or chokes or something.