Jon Jones’ recent DUI arrest has led some media outlets to take a closer look into the light heavyweight’s past. One not so squeaky clean bit that fell out: another incident behind the wheel at an interesting location.

On 11/24/11 I observed a black Bentley turn Northbound on Jefferson NE from Westbound McCleod NE. The vehicle came around the corner sideways and tires squealing. The vehicle continued North at a high rate of speed and pulled into the Fantasy World parking lot. I conducted as traffic stop and contacted the driver, identified as Jonathan Jones. I ran Jones drivers license through MVD and it was suspended. I then ran his drivers license through NCIC and they confirmed his it was suspended. Jones was cited for loss of traction and suspended drivers license. Jones vehicle was towed from the scene.

It’s worth noting that Fantasy World is a family amusement park. Oh wait no it’s not. It’s ‘the only full nude club in Albuquerque.’ I know! I don’t know what the believe any more either! Now there’s no reason to assume the worst about Jon hitting up a strip club. There’s tons of reasons he might have gone in: to ask for directions, preach the gospel to strippers, or pick up a teammate, enjoy a tasty beverage at reasonable prices.

Anyone else from Jackson’s being at Fantasy World is barely even tweetworthy, but once again Jon’s attempt to present himself as a decent human being totally justifies us all tearing him down over anything salty he’s ever had a part in. Serves him right for not admitting he’s just as big of a scumbag as the rest of us.