(They also got the Miguel Torres thing wrong too)

The opportunity was presented to Jon Jones, on a silver platter, surrounded by beautiful baby vegetables, to show the world that he’s not just a Terminator programmed to win fights and suck in every dollar his cybernetic hoses can reach. That human blood actually courses through his veins. He failed. And the worst part is that it was a WIN/WIN situation he threw away.

Chael Sonnen just fought six weeks ago. He took some time off after a heart-wrenching loss to Anderson Silva, which means he’s barely training now. Aside from a great double leg, he has shit to threaten Jones with, and the fact that he’s not in fighting shape whereas Jones is coming off a full camp, makes that one weapon impotent. Chael doesn’t even finish the Dan Miller’s of the world, even if he landed a takedown how would he have finished Jones before he gassed out and succumbed to basically whatever mode of violent stoppage Jones so chose? And, he’s a middleweight!

Jones fucked up, badly. Don’t blame Greg Jackson either. Jones asked for his advice. The fact that Jackson gave him suckass advice doesn’t excuse the fact that Jones is the one who must make these choices, not his handlers. He can and should seek their counsel, but this is his career. He knew he had image issues, and if he doesn’t care about that then he made the exact right decision, because now it’s even worse.

He could have stepped up and saved the day. Instead, he’s a major part of the reason why 20 other guys won’t be getting a paycheck next week. He pissed away the perfect opportunity at the perfect time to salvage his sinking reputation, and for no logical reason. It’s mind-boggling, really, and just confirms my belief that Jon Jones is a robot, and aside from being magnificent on the cage, a poorly programmed robot at that.