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The only people allowed to leave their nice cars sitting out on the street with the keys in the ignition are bad motherfuckers in cracktowns who will hunt you down and murder you with a chainsaw if you so much as breathe on their ride. While Jon Jones qualifies for the chainsaw bit when it comes to in-octagon activities, outside he’s just another dude with a nice car waiting to get stolen. So Greg Jackson’s camp decided to play a little prank on him…

In other Jon Jones related news, Bones recently called out Thiago Silva on the Twitters after seeing Silva do his best Tito Puete impression on Brandon Vera’s back. Jones explained his ish with Ben Fowlkes, and rather than defending Brandon, it just kinda highlighted how shaming the beating he took was:

“It kind of bugged me, only because we all fight, and just losing alone is humiliating enough,” Jones said. “It’s embarrassing. If someone ever did that to me, where they would beat me like that and then drum on my back, I would be humiliated. Just absolutely humiliated.”

“Think about all the people who watched those fights. All his fans, all the members at his school, all the kids that look up to him. Man, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. It’s not something I would ever want done to me and it’s not something I would ever do to someone else.”

Keep in mind this is coming from Jon Jones, a guy who makes fighters look like they’re 10 year old girls. Offer Matt Hamill a congratulations for his win over Jon and see how ‘absolutely humiliated’ he feels about that.