(a Fitch in its native environment)

People call Jon Fitch a lot of things, but if we were limiting ourselves to the positive ones, ‘unchokable’ might be something that comes up. In the rare instances that Fitch isn’t lying on top of his opponents, he will often find himself back mounted fending off choke attacks – a position he allowed himself to fall into because no one ever seemed to be able to catch him from there.

But that solid belief in his unchokability finally caught up with him when Josh Burkman caught him in a guillotine and put him to sleep at last month’s World Series of Fighting event. Here’s Fitch talking about what happened:

“I didn’t respect the choke at all,” Fitch admitted. “I went for the lift right away. There was a moment when he first sank the choke in where I made the decision: I could’ve went one way and defended the choke, or I could’ve picked him up and tried to slam him and I decided to try and pick him up and slam him. I think that it was much deeper than I thought and when I got to probably the apex of the lift like my body started to give out. I still was conscious, but I felt my body starting to go out and by the time my head hit the matt I was unconscious.“

“As far as submissions go I rarely get choked, even with deep chokes,” Fitch said.

“Even in training and in the gym with high-level guys. So it’s kind of a shock,” he said. “Even a lot of my friends and people that know me were pretty shocked by it too because I’m a pretty difficult person to choke even when it’s in tight.”

And Anderson Silva is a pretty hard person to hit but when you just leave your shit hanging out for someone to take advantage of, sooner or later you’re gonna get caught.