If at first you don’t succeed, then try try again, only this time get fuckin’ foul. It seems Jon Fitch is following this classic strategy in his bid to land a rematch with BJ Penn.

When it was first revealed that BJ’s original opponent, Rory McDonald, the one he came out of retirement for, suffered a nasty cut in training and had to bag out, Fitch issued a simple Tweet expressing his desire to face BJ, “He should fight me in Rio.” When no one but internet bloggers paid that any mind, Fitch decided to take it to the street while on a conference call to promote Fight Factory, a series about his beloved gym, American Kickboxing Academy.

“We’ve got fighters who come out to fight, fighters who will face anyone and don’t hide. You’ve also got cowards out there like BJ Penn who say they want to fight people but then they run and hide. Yes, he’s a coward.”

Notice the buzz terms: “face anyone,” “don’t hide,” “run and hide,” and of course the cherry on top of this wicked sundae, “coward.” Fitch is not playing anymore. He wants to fight BJ so bad he busted out the C word, and in this instance it’s even worse than the other C word you’re thinking of. And he reiterated it, just so there’s no mistaking his true intent. That’s serious shit.

Fitch is employing a bit of psychological warfare here. He knows BJ has a warrior’s spirit, and more importantly an ego that may not be able to handle that sort of public call-out.

Will it work? Who the hell knows. BJ is so wacky he just might bite, but then again the UFC may not wish to entertain the idea. I don’t know about you, but as a fan I’m really not too excited about a Fitch/BJ rematch considering BJ isn’t really in the game anymore and the fight would have little divisional relevance. I’d much rather see Erick Silva knock Fitch down few notches, then as a symbolic gesture of absolute conquest slap his dong on his conquered foe’s forehead.

As far as BJ is concerend, he should wait for McDonald. The heir apparent to his most hated nemesis, GSP, McDonald is the only fighter out there right now who can get BJ’s blood boiling enough to get his ass out of the jacuzzi and into the gym.