Jon Fitch takes a lot of crap for his boring style, and rightfully so. No one shells out hundreds of bucks on UFC tickets so they can watch a human blanket lay out a 15 minute snoozefest. It’s been interesting watching the press slowly go from giving Fitch the respect due the #2 welterweight in the world to spending entire interviews discussing his hated style and whether he’s ever gonna finish anyone. Here’s his latest response:

“A fight is a fight. We fight to find out who’s the best, whose the best style is. The whole point of UFC 1 was to find out what style was the most effective and whose is the best, and I think we’ve gotten away from just styles, you know, jiu-jitsu or boxing or whatever, and we’ve gotten into games, like what kind of game is dominant, who’s going to apply which types of pieces from each style in their game to make it dominant. And I think that’s exciting and fun to watch, and if people don’t think that’s exciting and fun to watch, then I don’t think they’re a fan of MMA. I think they’re a pro wrestling fan and I think they’re a kung fu movie fan, and that’s what they want to see. I think they want to see pro wrestling or kung fu movies, and I don’t think that we should dumb down the sport to make that small percentage of people happy. I don’t think it makes sense. I don’t like soccer, but I don’t go on forums all day and bitch and moan about how they don’t use their hands.”

You heard Fitch. The ultimate fighting style is ‘Take your opponent down and hold him there for 15 minutes.’ And you’re an ignorant tool for thinking all those other dudes in MMA using spin kicks, inverse triangles, and gogos etc are better martial artists.

Meanwhile, Dana White is serious enough about the UFC being sport and not spectacle that he still has Jon Fitch right up there in contention. But that doesn’t mean he’s ignorant of what’s really up:

“The problem with Jon Fitch is, you know, you hear this same thing from everybody about Jon Fitch. ‘If I want to fall asleep and I can’t get to sleep at night, I’ll put in a Jon Fitch fight.’ You know, and… whatever you think, Jon Fitch is one of the best 170 pounders in the world and, yes, he’s in the hunt for the title again. But everybody, I mean, find one person that will tell you that they love a Jon Fitch fight, it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever seen and they just get so excited for it. So, when you say that you have a fight like (Donald) Cerrone and (Nate) Diaz on the card and a guy with a record like [Fitch’s] is on and people aren’t jumping out of their seats for that fight, you know, I think Jon needs to have a little bit of a, you know, he’s got to be a little honest with himself and have a little bit of a reality check when he talks about stuff like that.”