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(Above: Johny training with Mike Tyson. No biggie)

Anderson Silva isn’t the only guy with his work cut out for him. Georges St Pierre faces off with the stiffest challenge he’s had in a while via Johny Hendricks. Here’s Hendricks laying out how he plans to take the belt off St Pierre:

“I’ll tell you my gameplan. I’m gonna hit you with my left. If that doesn’t work I’m going to try to take you down. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to find a way to win Georges,” promised Hendricks in an interview with MMA Fight Corner. “One thing that he cannot prepare for is my heart, my speed, and my determination to win.”

“He says to everybody, ‘You’ve not faced anybody like me’. Well guess what? He’s never faced a 208-pound welterweight that has power and is a true wrestler,” added Hendricks, admitting he doesn’t have St-Pierre’s technical skill but is vastly superior when it comes to separating opponents from consciousness. “They said I’m not a very good striker. Probably not. But for one I don’t mind getting hit. And two, can you hit me as hard as I can hit you?”

And as we’ve learned in the past, Georges doesn’t always respond well to getting hit hard. While it takes him five rounds to put people away, Hendricks is the anti-GSP in that regard – he can clean a clock in under a minute flat. Maybe we should re-christen him Johny ‘Rush’ Hendricks.

(pic via Eric Bolte for USA Today)