GSP has made a big deal of making his fight with Johny Hendricks a VADA-tested fight, and while the Georges has jumped through all the hoops to prove he’s a clean fighter (at this moment when he knows he’ll be tested through the wahoo), Hendricks is being slightly less enthusiastic about the whole process:

Despite publicly accepting Georges St. Pierre’s offer to participate in VADA and despite not having to pay for it himself, TVASports in Canada reports that Hendricks has yet to formally submit his paperwork to undergo VADA testing. With the fight a little over two months away, the window is closing for meaningful tests. VADA asks for an eight week window to test participants leading up to an event, so if he doesn’t apply by September 22 he may be considered ineligible to participate.

Also mentioned in the TVA report, was size of the bill that GSP has offered to foot. The price of a clean record comes in at around $20,000. Apparently that’s the bill for GSP and Hendricks combined, maybe Georges will save a little money if he goes it alone.

Mind games? Nefarious reasons? Or is Hendricks just having second thoughts on having people show up at his house at 6am to demand pee? Everyone who has participated in VADA has declared it a general pain in the ass, and it’s not like Hendricks has a giant shadow league of fighters and fans basically accusing him of juicing. So what’s the upside for him to participate? An answer to a question no one is asking. And the downside? Potentially getting pulled from the biggest fight / payday of his life because of improperly used cold medicine or supplements or a million other wacky things that could set off alarm bells when you’re being tested this thoroughly.