XTreme Couture was one of the original supergyms, stuffed so full of UFC veterans that many worried it would cause headaches for UFC matchmakers. Fortunately(?) loyalty was never a big enough thing at that camp that two guys wouldn’t face off against each other. But now there’s the other side of that loyalty thing, as John Alessio says there’s no one left at the gym:

There was just nobody left at Xtreme. I was one of the first, with Pyle and Heiron and those guys, to come into Xtreme Couture. We built that gym, basically. When we first started, there was nothing but an octagon inside of a big, empty warehouse. That’s how we trained, to start. Then the gym got built up from there.

It was really hard for me to leave. I’m a very loyal person, and that’s a rare quality these days. I understand that in mixed martial arts, you kind of have to be selfish, because it is a one on one sport, it is all about you. At the same time, you can’t forget about the people that helped you along the way and what they did for you. I appreciate everything I’ve learned from everybody, whether it was just one small move or if they worked with me for years.

I will never forget my time at Xtreme Couture. Those were some of the greatest years of my career. It was a blast, but it’s unfortunately died down, and the fighters have moved on, and I needed to do the same thing. I needed a change, personally, anyways. I needed to reinvigorate my career.

While I’m sure Alessio means more ‘a lot of my friends and original people I know are gone’ rather than the literal ‘there is nobody training at XTreme Couture, there’s no denying that you just don’t see the camp’s name attached to half the big name guys like you used to. Some have left, others have retired, and XC is no longer the powerhouse it once was.

The current pro fight team roster (which still includes Alessio, so….)

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)