If you were wondering why Joe Warren was taken out of this past weekend’s Bellator event, it turns out that the guy’s propensity for getting knocked out badly extends outside the cage and into the practice room.

MMA Fighting was told from a source close to the commission on Saturday night that Warren was “knocked out while sparring,” and that is “100 percent the reason he was pulled from the card.” This prompted the Tribe’s commissioner Mike Mazzulli to pull the plug on the bout upon seeing the medical report. The source said that he only learned of the situation on Wednesday, meaning the incident happened fairly close to the fight.

“What I can tell you is, the specialist who tested him in Denver said, look, if it were my son I wouldn’t approve it. But there are circumstances that would cause me to approve it if you can wait three or four weeks and we can do the tests again That’ll answer any questions, and we’ll be 100 percent. And [Mazzulli] said, if we’re not 100 percent we’re not allowed to go.

“My assumption, and Mike’s assumption, is that within two to three weeks Mike will be able to take him off of suspension, so long as everything comes back clean.”

Good on Mazzulli for pulling the plug on this one, even though it sounds like the doctor in question didn’t give them a firm no. The only thing worse for a brain than a concussion is repeat concussions over a short period of time, and Joe Warren is known for sustaining bad ones in the cage even when he shows up perfectly healthy. The last thing we want is for him to be on the set of Fight Master asking why he’s there. Anyone else wondering that is normal. With Warren it’s a sign of brain damage.