A few days ago, Joe Rogan put up a great blog post making fun of some of the stupid stuff MMA fans do … mainly putting their fists up in pictures with fighters (I prefer striking the Bruce Lee ‘waaataaaah!’ pose personally) and wearing douchebag clothes covered in crosses, skulls, and my personal favorite: the upside down fleur-de-lys. Why upside down? Because everything is 300% more badass that way and junk! Anyways, here’s a little taste of the blog post:

Another unintentionally hilarious aspect of the MMA culture is the abundance of retarded macho “fight wear” T-shirts. The enormous financial success of enterprising clothing companies like “Tapout” have given birth to a rise of ham-handed imitators where each one tries to out retard the next. Images of chained up pitbulls and skulls are the norm with shiny foil letters to make sure you can clearly read the “Break my dick off in your ass – fight wear” label.

That’s just Joe Rogan being Joe Rogan (he is a comedian or some shit, apparently), but a whole bunch of people got really pissed at this because he was making fun of them. The sitch even made the Yahoo blog, where Steve Cofield accuses Joe of ‘biting the hand that feeds’ and calling MMA fans ‘tools’.

I wonder what the NFL would say if one their employees made such a sweeping dig at its fans. Would it be cool with Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones if Cowboy radio color voice Babe Laufenberg said the 50,000 fans wearing Cowboys jerseys at Sunday’s stadium opener were non-athlete clowns?

As always, it is my solemn duty to remind everyone that this is not the NFL, it’s the UFC. The company is run by a man with Tourettes and their best announcer is a pothead. Plus, I think the football equivalent of all this would be to make fun of those 300 pound guys painted head to toe in their team colors, usually wearing a chunk of cheese on their head or whatever fucking stupid state hallmark their team happens to adopt.

In MMA, these dudes – and you see them at the start of EVERY UFC EVENT actin’ da fool as the cameras pan across the crowd – are the 2009 reflective foil equivalent of the Just Bleed guy. And they’re fucking everywhere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just don’t expect to not be made fun of from time to time for wearing gaudy stupid shit, tough guys. Consider it revenge for making fun of the way goths used to dress in high school.

As for Joe, he’s also written another blog about the fallout, which I will sum up for you now: I’m dumb, you’re dumb, we’re all dumb. There’s nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with making fun of how dumb we all are.