In case you care more about this kind of star than this kind of star, the Perseid meteor shower is at it’s peak this week and if you take the time to actually think about the universe while watching, you’re liable to have some interesting thoughts. Just ask Joe Rogan, who shared his thoughts in tweet form:

“Watching the meteor shower realizing how little I think about space and how f-cking insane its infinite beauty and complexity really are… Bright lights streak across the sky, and they’re rocks that came from millions of miles away to burn out in front of my eyes. F-cking nuts… there could easily be organisms and life forms in other worlds to complex for us to even perceive and impossible for us to imagine… The universe itself could be one gigantic super-organism. We think of the brain as being solid, but most of what we consider matter is not… There’s massive amounts of space in atoms, and that same structure could be mimicked by stars and galaxies… The whole universe could be just an atom in the brain cell of another being which lives in another universe, which is a part of another atom…” -Joe Rogan. What’s up, Joe?

“The more we know the more we realize we know very, very little. The mind-f-ck is never ending if your weed is strong enough…” -Joe Rogan. Okay, this tweet explains a lot.

“Our insatiable thirst for technological innovation might just be that our destiny is to create something that blows a hole in time… Our need to experiment and create things like the large hadron collider could be because our destiny is to break space… Our purpose as an organism could be to create our own big bang, or something new and even crazier – the next stage of existence… Bigger, better, faster, newer… the marketplace fuels scientific experimentation – they build it, press the button – new universe is born” -Joe Rogan.

A lot of the theoretical shit that Joe Rogan thinks up is probably way off base but that’s because he’s just a fucking comedian sharing his thoughts with the internet. The fact that he regularly thinks about the state of the world, the universe, and existence is pretty wicked, and that he’s not afraid to share those thoughts with others is even better. What’s everyone else’s excuse? Personally, I’m too busy watching iCarly.