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It seems like everyone is joining the peanut gallery on pseudo superstar Fallon Fox these days. The latest to weigh in on the transgender discussion was podcast aficionado Joe Rogan and Mr. Liver Punch himself, Bas Rutten. The conversation wasn’t exactly politically correct (the clip after the jump kicks off with Redban asking “What do you think of that tranny trying to fight MMA?”) and Rogan relayed some strong opinions on the matter. Here’s just one example of what to expect when you hit play.

Rogan: If a transgender’s going to fight they need to fight a transgender.
Rutten: You think so, yea?
Rogan: Fuck yea!
Rutten: Why, do you think he’s gonna get a horny one?
Collective Group: NNNNOOOOOOO!!!

After the jump, another clip of Rogan voicing his disapproval.

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