I really didn’t think Joe Riggs would be able to top his oldschool UFC prostitute gangbang story, and I suppose it’s a matter of opinion if this one is ‘better.’ But just the fact that he already has a new story that gives that last story a run for it’s money is pretty impressive. Check out Joe Riggs’ behind the scenes look at the shit (literally) going on behind the scenes at Bellator’s Fight Master reality show:

“It was probably the fourth or fifth week, and they brought a camera in my room; and I knew the producers were watching downstairs, and they were going to put this on TV. So I go and pull my pants down and start slapping my balls against the camera so they could see it. That’s just me like a monkey just trying to relieve some tension by rubbing my balls [on the camera].”

“I’d come from cutting weight, and I take my shorts off –my underwear off– and they’re all stained with sh*t, probably, and whatever, and I threw them in Tim Walsh’s face. It was a perfect shot to the lips. And he peels them off his face, and he wheels them at me, and it hits the camera guy right in the lips. And he went down, talking about throwing up, because they were like saturated with sweat, piss and sh*t. I was cutting weight, so I was sitting there like pissing myself.”

I know what you’re thinking: if this was TUF, we’d be watching Tim Walsh with poop lipstick right now. And perhaps you’d be right a few years ago. Things hit their peak for Season 8 when the show included semen eating and piss drinking, the latter of which was cut from the show last second by Spike TV. And you know if Spike is censoring you, you’ve gone too far.

Nowadays – especially since the soft reboot for the FX TUF – things have been a bit classier. But a tip of my hat to Fight Master for taking the high road and not featuring Joe Riggs shitting and pissing and throwing soiled underwear around.

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)