I have to admit that Krazy Horse is guilty pleasure for me. While other blogs are on the moral crusade, questioning the ethics of allowing a repeat violent offender to fight, I ask this: if you’re not even gonna let a criminal fight in a cage, what the fuck are you okay with him doing? Personally I’d rather see Krazy Horse fighting on TV than in my house stealing my TV, so I’m A-OK the current situation.

Plus, if there weren’t dumb fighters out there doing crazy stuff, my blog would be dryer than Loretta Hunt’s vagina. Okay, maybe her vagina isn’t all that dry. But she certainly wasn’t willing to let me see so until I can verify the moistness of her genetalia first hand, we’ll just assume it’s dry. Okay? Okay.

Anyways, EliteXC is trying to put together the Joe Boxer vs Krazy Horse fight that should have been on the Strikeforce card in July. If you don’t remember how that debacle turned out, you can catch up here. I love how Gary Shaw apparently has the power to get people released from jail. If that isn’t proof that the white man still runs shit around here, I dunno what is.

All drama aside, this is going to be an awesome match : two brawlers with iron chins facing off to duke it out. The fight is gonna be on August 24th, so with UFC74 the next day I am officially writing the weekend off. Beers, hookers, EliteXC, an 8-ball of coke, 34 hits of crystal, UFC74, a mental breakdown, and an intervention. Sounds like a grand time to me!