It’s been over a month since Joachim ‘Hellboy’ Hansen pulled out of his fight with JZ Calvan last second due to a mysterious ‘head injury’ that no one seemed to be willing to talk about. Now Sherdog has the goods on what the deal was: Hellboy pulled a Ken Shamrock and injured himself warming up. Although Hansen’s injury wasn’t on purpose over a money dispute like Ken’s was. Allegedly.

Since the Dec. 31 bout in Japan had been reportedly cancelled due to Hansen failing medical clearance because of a head injury, wild rumors circulated about the physical condition of the 29-year-old “Hellboy.” Fueled by non-statements from Dream event producer Keiichi Sasahara, speculation even went as far as suggesting Hansen might suffer from a possibly career-ending brain tumor.

John Benjamin, who represents Joachim Hansen in business matters, told exactly what went down at Saitama Super Arena before the fight: “Joachim was warming up with a training partner and when attempting a takedown, his teammate landed awkwardly on his head. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where they diagnosed a concussion, which is why the fight had to be cancelled.”

Goddamn, thats a shitty $30,000 banana peel to slip on, isn’t it? I’m still wondering why the whole situation was so hush hush. Hansen and DREAM are currently ‘renegotiating’ his contract, with some defining the process as a ‘dispute.’ So maybe this isn’t as clear cut (or different from the Ken situation – allegedly) as it seems to be.