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I’m a huge fan of ground work in MMA. Give me scrambles and submissions over the stand up game any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But try as I might, I just can’t get into watching straight up jiu jitsu competitions. I know it’s probably just my uneducated troglodyte eye or some sh*t, but there’s just way too much nothing going on in your average BJJ match to keep me interested.

Fortunately for the Just Bleed fan in all of us, Eddie Bravo has come up with a solution to this problem: Combat Jiu Jitsu. I’ll let him explain it:

You know, it was just an idea, I just thought that theres so many good Jiu Jitsu guys out there, so many that won’t do MMA because they don’t want to learn kick boxing. So we never really get to see what their Jiu Jitsu looks like when there are punches. A lot of great Jiu Jitsu players don’t need to learn kickboxing… they don’t need to do MMA. (With CJJ) you don’t have to learn kick boxing, Just punching on the ground, no elbows…if you look at it from the MMA world, looking down, it looks real tame MMA, but if you look at it from the Jiu Jitsu world it looks like extreme grappling. Could you imagine watching Abi Dubai and dudes are punching the ground? How cool would that be?

As long as one dude is on the ground you can start punching. Standing it is just wrestling, but it’s amateur MMA rules on the ground so there are no elbows on the ground. Just punches to the head and there are no Heel-hooks, because they don’t allow heel-hooks in amateur mma. I really really pushed for it man I really wanted heel-hooks bad. But you know, I really wanted One-Ten minute round but all they would give me is Three-Three Minute rounds.

I think there was a big hole between grappling and MMA -that is a giant hole and that giant hole is Combat Jiu Jitsu. Obviously real MMA is the best, obviously …UFC fights, that’s the best shit of course. Im just saying this (CJJ) is something different. Its not as good as MMA…but it’s better than grappling (laughs)

Eddie Bravo is one crazy mofo. He turns jiu jitsu on it’s head with the rubber guard and half a dozen other moves with retardo names, and now he’s trying to popularize a new form of grappling competition. And what an obvious idea! Exactly the kind of thing only a chronic potsmoker would look at and go ‘Why the f*ck isn’t this already happening?’

Regular jiu jitsu is way too slow paced to ever break out of its niche, but here’s hoping this CJJ thing goes somewhere. I’m down for slugfests and kickboxing and all that junk, but sometimes a man just wants to watch two dudes scrapping it out on the ground.