Don’t write checks with your mouth…:

“Come to his training camp. Come to Stary Oskol, and we’ll do three, five-minute rounds in the ring or the cage. We’ll do it for fun.

“If you really want to fight him for competition, and it’s not about the money for the guys in the UFC, then tell Brock Lesnar to jump his ass on a plane, take a train, and come to Stary Oskol. If these guys really want to fight Fedor, then come to Stary Oskol and lets get it on there for no money.”

…that your ass (or the ass of the fighter you’re leeching off of) can’t cash:

“They’ll do the fight for free?” White asked. “That’s [expletive] weird because I offered them millions of dollars to take the fight and he didn’t take it. Now [Emelianenko] wants to fight for free? When and where? I’d love him to fight for free.

“I’ll make that [expletive] fight right now for free. Let’s do it.”

I have a little extra venom for Mille-oh hey look, my job is done for me!

White had a bit of extra venom for Millen.

“[Millen] is a [expletive] clown that talks out of his ass and has no business (discussing the negotiations),” White said. “That guy is a nobody. When we did the big Fedor negotiations, you think he was in it? He wasn’t even in it. That guy’s full of [expletive]. Tell him to go frost his [expletive] hair again and beat it.

“You don’t think I want to make that fight? Of course I want to make that fight. But it takes two people to make a deal, not one guy.”

Just keep all of this in mind: Fedor didn’t sign with Strikeforce because he didn’t like Dana’s potty mouth. He didn’t do it for more money or exposure or the freedom to do Sambo. He probably didn’t do it to protect his streak. No, I think the reason Fedor is not with the UFC is that people like Jerry Millen and Vadim make those kind of decisions for him, and he just fights the guy they put in front of him. Fucking barnacles.